Sands & Hearn are husband and wife singer/songwriters Quinn Sands and Richard Hearn, out of Cleveland, Ohio. Both Quinn and Richard are multi-instrumentalists who began writing and performing together shortly after meeting in June of 2015. Their style is best described as alt. folk/rock Americana – a unique blend of their musical backgrounds and influenced by the roots of American music, with an emphasis on the story and sweet harmonies. In 2017, they released their first album, entitled Time Is A Line, which features a line-up of some of the most talented musicians from Northeast Ohio.

Live, they’ve performed primarily as a bass & guitar duo, often switching to other instruments such as glockenspiel, Shruti-box and various percussion (often played with their feet) at venues around the Northeast, Ohio, such as the Beachland Ballroom & Tavern, Brother’s Lounge and at the legendary Barking Spider Tavern. They’ve also performed at the Painesville Party in the Park, Spice Acre’s Plated Dinner events, the Lake County Fair, Walk All Over Waterloo, the 2018 Lake Erie Folk Festival, Riverdog Music in Wakeman, OH, The Factory in Sharon, PA, the Music the Bloom Café & Listening Room in Bristol, TN.

They have opened for such legendary performers as Tommy Womack, Ray Bonneville, Maria Muldaur, Rod Picott and Kevin Gordon, as well as The Ragbirds and Brent Cobb. In 2018, they performed in Dublin, Ireland at the legendary Whelan’s Bar (in support of Brent Cobb) and The Underground Live Music Venue.

Press Releases

August 1, 2019 – Release of The Bristol Sessions EP.

August 1, 2019 – Sands & Hearn “Lonely For My Baby” coffee.

February 8, 2018 – Sands & Hearn premiers Oakleigh Street on YouTube.

October 21, 2017 –Sands & Hearn to perform at “The Factory” – Artist Studios & Open House at The Landing in Sharon, Pennsylvania


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2017 Top Emerging Artists of the year, by Paul McGee:

“Lonesome Highway originally came into being as an ally for artists who are not internationally recognized and to provide a filter and platform upon which their music could gain a wider audience. This continues to be our central ethos and the following artists have been reviewed by me over the past year and their recent releases are deserving of a place in any music collection:”

The Novel Ideas – Self Titled

Sands & Hearn – Time Is A Line

Ryne Doughty – Date Night

Worry Dolls – Go Get Gone

Susan Catteneo – The Hammer & The Heart

I Draw Slow – Your Face To The Sun

The Remedy Club – Lovers, Legends & Lost Causes

Beki Hemingway – Whins & Weather

Romantica – Shadowlands

Jesse Waldman – Mansion Full Of Ghosts

Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards – California Calling

The Wailin’ Jennies – Fifteen

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“The two combine perfectly on the wonderfully dark tale of Crazy Carl, with harmonica atmospherics from Colin Dussault and some mean resonator guitar painting atmospheric colours. Bouncing Ball of Jesus councils on the twists and turns of cruel fate and on the title track they sing that “time is a line, but it’s not always straight; it curves and it bends, by choice and by fate.”…

… Matt Troja produced, recorded and mixed the project in addition to playing various guitars, keyboards, percussion and singing duties. There are no fillers here and the tracks Angel With Dusty Boots, American Mind and Sugar In The Morning hold an instant appeal. However, all the songs blend seamlessly together and this duo have made a very impressive debut that comes highly recommended and points towards a bright future, both professionally and romantically speaking!!

Paul McGee, Lonesome Highway

“Need to tell you what a wonderful recording this is! Holiday afternoon listening is so sweet. The love story of these 2 folks makes me happy enough but then to hear their soundtrack of that love and life with some of the best Cle musicians like Chris Hanna, Al Moss and Colin Dussault backing them up…may be as nice as sailing today! Congrats on this release Richard Hearn and Kelly Quinn Sands! Producer Matt Troja hit a home run…”

– Cindy Barber, Beachland Ballroom & Tavern

“Listening to Time is a Line which arrived over the weekend. You and Richard (and Al) have done a very fine thing. And when you sing in French, I’m reminded of Shawshank: “I have no idea to this day what those two Italian ladies were singing about. Truth is, I don’t want to know. Some things are best left unsaid.” Thanks for writing and putting this out in the world.”

– Paul Bauer, Author.

Live Review: Brent Cobb, Zack Logan, Sands & Hearn @ Whelan’s, Dublin – September 4, 2018 Read Here…

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